About us

Weber & Weber

Contemporary medicine focuses on aesthetics of examination rooms more and more frequently.
Fashionable and colourful interior designs have very positive influence on patients reducing
treatment-related stress.

Disposable medical couch covers manufactured by our company for more than twenty years
conform to these tendencies. Get to know our top quality products with unique colours and welldesigned
packaging. Apart from high-level functionality we offer products with distinct aesthetic
values. We are pleased to present quality & design.


our production


Our Company was established in 1992. Since 1994 we have been manufacturing disposable medical couch cover rolls and dental bibs.


For almost 30 years we have been focusing on quality of our products and services as well as on development of our product range.


Today, our selection of disposable couch covers is the largest in size and colour all over Europe.


Owing to modern and efficient process line and large storage area our lead time is very short. Thanks to this policy our products have gained recognition among customers in Poland and Europe.